We just need you to find aggregations and tell us about it. Maybe you have already seen nesting aggregations in previous years, in your garden or your local area, well we’d love you to take a closer look at those. Or maybe you’re willing to look for the nests, just spend a little time searching the ground on your usual walking route or daily commute, you may be surprised by what you see!


Click here for a printable/ downloadable copy of the questions we’d like you to answer. You can either print it off and take it out with you or just download it to your phone. Either way we ask that you come back here and submit your recording through the website. Click here for our information sheet, which will give you some more guidance on how to identify the bees and answer the questions.


All of the submitted records will be used in research to better understand the needs of our solitary bees, the results of which we hope to publish in the future. Keep an eye on this page and our social media accounts for updates!


Here are some photos of solitary bee nests to help you get started:


There are some other animals, such as ants, that have nests in the ground so be careful not to get confused. Remember, it's important that you see a bee near the nest, or perferably, using the nest so you're absolutely sure. If in doubt, snap a picture or video and send it to us to have a look at, we're always happy to help.